14-6-25 BurstNET 即將在 7/25 關閉所有服務(6/26更新)


Critical Notice Regarding Your BurstNET Accounts

Dear Mowd Chen,

It is with great regret that we inform you that all of your services with BurstNET will be terminating on your next billing cycle/renewal/current expiration of purchased services but in all cases no later than July 25th, 2014. If you are a CO-Location client you can disregard this message. Your services will persist.

You will have until July 24th to migrate your services to other providers. On July 25th all services will be terminated.

We apologize for any inconveniences and wish you and your businesses great success.

Kind Regards,

總歸一句:BurstNET 即將關閉所有服務,所有服務會在 7/25 之後全部關閉
來去 Paypal 申訴,看能不能把我五月底才付的年費拿回來…

不過 BurstNET 也算不錯的了,撐那麼久,而且還給你一個月的緩衝期搬資料
其他家 VPS 供應商更多的是直接倒閉走人,連資料都無法挽回

6/26 更新
BurstNET 找了一家公司 Hostwinds.com 來接受他們手上的客戶
使用者可以將 VPS 遷移到 Hostwinds 的 Server 上,同時提供 30 天的免費試用
如果要繼續使用,也可以用原本 BurstNET 的價錢付費

BurstNET VPS Client's Services Will Continue

Hello Mowd,

We have great news, we have just reached a deal with Hostwinds.com another provider of VPS services. They have agreed to migrate all active Burst.net vePortal Linux VPS client's over to their infrastructure. They will also be offering all client's a full 30 days of free service on their infrastructure. We want to assure you that all of your data will be transferred 100% intact by the Hostwinds team. Hostwinds has agreed to beat or match all current Burst.net VPS prices.

You will be receiving an email from Hostwinds with your login information to their customer portal. You should receive this email within the next 24 Hours. It is not necessary to wait for this information before completing the steps below. You may complete the below steps before you have received your Hostwinds Customer Portal login.

Hostwinds will be migrating all vePortal accounts over to their infrastructure, however, if you wish to expedite your request, all users who follow the steps outlined below will have their request moved to the front of the que, and their migration will be handled within 72 hours.
If you have already received your Hostwinds Portal Login information, then Login to your account

Open up a support ticket at the following link:

Include “Burst.net Migration” in the Subject of your Ticket

Please write out any special considerations you would like for us to make while migrating your services in the message section of the ticket. If you wish to handle your own migration and wish to have your server online with Hostwinds in minutes, then indicate this here, and our provisioning team will have your server fully provisioned within 15 minutes.

Please indicate the number of IP addresses you wish to have assigned to your server.
Once the Hostwinds team has received your migration request they will immediately begin work migrating all of your data over to your new server. Please note that due to the high number of requests migrations can take up to 72 hours to fully complete.

Once all of your data is fully migrated, you will be given 30 days of free service with Hostwinds.

If you have any questions at all please direct them to the Hostwinds Team using the link below:


They are also available via live chat on their website at http://www.hostwinds.com

– BurstNET